As you know our fabric range is extensive. Lotto Sportswear offers you the greatest variety of fabrics at the best possible quality. We do offer an insight into our fabric range in our brochure where we describe the composites of our fabric. If you are still not sure on which fabrics are best suited to the use and style of your sport, let us offer our expertise in the matter and query our sales team at info@scoresportswear.co.nz

Lotto offers a general size guide, describing the measurements of sizes for our mens, womens and child leisurewear ranges as well as our performance shirt range. You are also able to arrange a meeting with your regional sales representative in which he can demonstrate to you Lotto’s sizing range for the style of garments that you are looking for.

For our stock product, absolutely! This is one of the advantages of using Lotto Sportswear as your apparel supplier! We carry large amounts of stock in our warehouse all year round to be able to meet the needs of our customers daily.

Our lead times are 48 hours for stock product and two weeks for customised stock product. These lead times start when the order approval has been received by our Sales staff.

*Leadtimes will reduce and fluctuate depending on the time of year and demand. For further information relating to our lead times, please refer to our Delivery Options page.

We do offer quite an extensive range of fabrics and styles to choose from for our stock products. If you are looking for a generic sample, our sales representatives are more than happy to demonstrate to you the range that Lotto Sportswear can offer you for your garments. If you are looking for a specific sample of what your garment will look like, we are happy to do this for you however this will have to be done with a sample surcharge.

For our stock products there are no minimum order quantities. You can order as much or as little as you need.

To create your embroidered logo we require a DST file, which enables us to embroider your logo onto your chosen garment. If you have never had your logo embroidered, we can create a DST file for your approval for a fee. If you are able to provide a DST file, you will also need to supply the colour run which details the running order of the colours used in your logo.

Vector graphics use geometric primitives such as points, lines, curves and shapes or polygons which are all based on mathematical equations to represent images in computer graphics.

Unlike JPEG, TIFF or PSD files which are made using pixels, a vector image will never lose quality when you change its size or zoom in or out of it. For this reason, we will need your image to be a vector file if we are using your image for the purpose of sublimation and printing as they always produce the best quality finish possible.

Lotto Sportswear always aims to produce the highest quality products possible, in order to achieve this it is essential that we receive the correct high quality vectorised artwork in one of the following formats:

.ai (Adobe Illustrator): This is a vector based file created in Adobe Illustrator. This is the preferred format for all decoration and will produce the highest quality finish.

.eps (Encapsulated Post Script): A true EPS will be a vector based file and can therefore be used in the same way as an Adobe illustrator file to produce a high quality finish.

.pdf (portable document file): A high resolution PDF file is acceptable as long as the original file was created in Adobe Illustrator.