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Caring for Apparel

-Always check the laundering instructions on the items for special care instructions. Most apparel includes specific laundering instructions that should be followed closely to minimize stress to the fabric.

-To better protect printed apparel during washing, turn apparel inside-out to protect appliquéd names, numbers, badges, and other insignia.

-Hang or lay flat to dry your apparel since the heat and agitation from tumble dryers can shrink fabric and damage appliqués. Many directions recommend “tumble dry low,” but you can make your apparel last even longer with gentle treatment. Most lightweight sports apparel dries very quickly with hang drying.

-Do not iron logos and patches. The intense heat can scorch the fabric and destroy the appliqués on your apparel.

Caring for Boots

-Ensure boots are used for the correct purpose and on correct pitches

-Top end boots are designed for match use only and a separate training pair is recommended

How To Wash Your Football Boots

-After match remove loose dirt by knocking your boots together, then brush your football boots with a stiff brush (do not use a wire brush as this will damage them, instead try and use a brush with bristles made from a natural material).

– Wipe the football boots with a damp cloth to remove smaller particles of dirt (do not use a cleaning agent to clean your football boots). If the football boots have been used in wet conditions, you can use an old toothbrush to remove dirt that has been trapped in small grooves.

-Stuff the football boots with newspaper to maintain shape and to help extract any moisture. If the boots are very wet, you may need to replace the newspaper daily.

– Allow the football boots to dry in a natural heat. (Drying the boots with heat can cause the football boots to become stiff and the adhesives can deteriorate. Stiff boots are far more likely to rip and are weak. Deteriorated adhesives can make joints weak, such as the join between the upper and the sole plate. Additionally, heat drying your football boots can cause your soleplate to warp which will void warranties).

– If the boots are leather, they can be polished to retain their colour.

– After allowing the polish to work in, typically 24 hours, the boot should be protected by a Dubbin or natural leather oil. Dubbin or oil, helps keep the football boot waterproof and the leather supple. (When cleaning football boots with synthetic material, do not use a Dubbin or oil)

– If changing or cleaning studs, add a slight lubricant to the stud thread to prevent any rusting if moisture gets in. Ensure the stud is tight, but not too tight to damage the thread. (Too much lubricant will reduce the friction and prevent the stud from properly tightening).

Caring for Footballs

-Only inflate to recommended pressure

-Keep in a cool space, do not leave in hot areas such as car boots

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