Privacy Policy


By ordering from Score, the Customer and each Guarantor irrevocably authorises Score to collect any information it reasonably regards as necessary for its credit enquiry and information purposes or to otherwise monitor the Customer or the Guarantors or perform its obligations under these terms. Score may obtain such information from any reputable credit agency(s) and/or debt collection agency(s) and/or from any other person(s) or corporate body(s) as it considers appropriate and Score may provide such information to any reputable credit agency(s), and/or debt collection agency(s), and/or any other person(s) or corporation body(s), in response to any credit enquiries by them, details of this credit application and of any dealings following on from it.

The Customer and each Guarantor acknowledges that the Customer and each Guarantor does not have to provide Score with any information, but that if those parties do not do so, it may affect Score’s decision whether or not to give or continue giving the Customer supply of goods credit terms.

The Customer and each Guarantor acknowledges that they understand they have certain rights under the Privacy Act 1993, to access and correct any information held about each of them individually by Score.

The Customer and each Guarantor agree to Score providing marketing and promotional material to them that Score considers may be of interest or relevant to those parties in respect of the goods provided under these Terms or any related goods or services, including those provided by third parties. The Customer and each Guarantor agrees that Score can send such information by email and can unsubscribe from such commercial mail outs by utilising the unsubscribe function in any such emails. The Customer and Guarantors acknowledge that unsubscribing from marketing and promotional emails does not prohibit Score from sending emails to the Customer and the Guarantors that directly or indirectly relate to the subject matter of these Terms.